Health and Safety Legal Compliance Audits

Health and Safety Legal Compliance Audits

Have you ever wondered what your company’s legal compliance status is when it comes to health and safety? Let us come and conduct a full health and safety legal compliance audit for you.

The Safety Network (Africa) (Pty) Ltd specializes in these type of audits. Our consultants have extensive experience and ready to assist.

In short the health and safety audit will cover the following, viz.

  • Once a quote is accepted, dates for the audit will be confirmed with the client;
  • The consultant will liaise with the client prior to the audit to ensure that critical documentation to be scrutinized will be available and ready on site;
  • On arrival there will be a short introductory meeting with the site representative and or management to confirm the scope of the audit and to agree on the audit programme;
  • Normally there will first be a site walk around to familiarize the auditor with the environment to be audited. During this time if any specific non-conformance is identified it will be noted;
  • The auditor may also embark on a process of sampling data to be verified during the desk top audit;
  • A desk top audit will then also be conducted to ensure that all the necessary legally required documentation is available. This will be measured against National, Provincial and Local By-Laws requirements;
  • Once the process is completed there will be a close out meeting where some immediate feedback will be provided to site management;
  • A detailed report will then be drafted and submitted to the client; and
    • The report will contain the following important information:
    • A summary of the client details, also explaining the scope of the audit that was conducted;
    • A detailed summary of the findings (non-conformances) with a risk rating for each of these findings, e.g. high, medium of low. This would assist the client to prioritize the findings for implementation; and
    • Action plan to assist with implementation of the findings.

These documents will be made available in electronic format.