Hazard Identification and Risk Assessments (HIRA)

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessments (HIRA)

It is a strict legal requirement that employers must conduct HIRAs for all work activities and processes in the business. This according to Section 8 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993. Many employers find it difficult to start this process and sometimes lack expertize within the company and this is where we can be of assistance. So, let us take a load of your shoulders.

The Safety Network (Africa) (Pty) Ltd has consultants that can conduct HIRAs on all your work activities and processes on site.

The HIRA process will consist of the following steps, viz.

  • Site to be visited to conduct the HIRA. During this process all activities on site will be assessed by identifying the hazards (Something with the potential to cause harm to a person). The Occupational Health and Safety Act, 85 of 1993, will be used as a guideline in this regard;
  • Once the hazards have been identified, the associated hazard effects (risks) will be considered, e.g. is there chance for physical injury to occur or an occupational disease of illness to fester itself, e.g. hearing loss;
  • Once the associated hazard effects (risk) are established it will be given risk priority ratings (risk scores);
  • The risk priority rating will be divided into two categories, e.g. current risk classification rating and a post mitigating risk rating;
  • During the current risk classification rating the hazard, risk and current control measures will be taken into consideration. A risk priority rating of Very High Risk, High Risk, Substantial Risk, Possible Risk or Acceptable Risk will be allocated;
  • If the risk classification during this phase falls outside the Acceptable Risk level, it would mean that further action should be taken by site management to reduce the risk of injury or ill health by implementing additional control measures;
  • The additional control measures will be highlighted and a post mitigating risk classification will be conducted to show that if the additional control are implemented that it will bring about a reduction in the level of risk associated with that activity or process;
  • The HIRA exercise will be documented on an Excel Spreadsheet, which will be made available to the client; and
  • In addition, a health and safety management programme will also be made available on the Excel Spreadsheet to enable the site management to manage the outstanding issues to be addressed.

Feel free to contact our office for one of our consultants to come out to your site and provide you with a quotation.