Health and Safety Legal Compliance Audits

Department of Education: Health and Safety Legal Compliance Audits

If you are a training institution and require that a Health and Safety Legal Compliance Audit be conducted of your facilities, in order for you to get your accreditation from the Department of Education then give us a call.

Our auditors are registered with SAIOSH as Graduate Members and standing by to assist. Our reports will comply with the requirements as set out in Annexure 5: Occupational health and Safety Audit Reports, as per Government Gazette No. 30732 of 5 February 2008. The following will be covered in the audit report:

  • Identification of the report (i.e. to indicate that it is used to the management of [legal name of the applicant])
  • Site: the report must indicate the physical address of each site audited
  • Scope: the report must indicate which legislation is covered by the report and what activities constituted the audit
  • Audit findings: results of the audit in terms of what is in place and what needs to be remedied
  • Audit opinion: the report must indicate whether the site is compliant or not, and if compliant, the report must indicate if it is safe to use for education and training purposes
  • Signature (auditor or on behalf of the auditing firm)
  • Date of the report
  • Annexures:
    • Checklists and other documents used to arrive at the above audit opinion
    • Graphic representation of findings